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Fall Wardrobe ideas!

It is September and soon will be fall (September 22nd officially, yay!), this means a well deserved rest from the dessert heat and a transition into the cool, beautiful weather and festivities. Families start planning activities for the upcoming holidays and with that, family portraits are a must for the upcoming Fall/Christmas/Winter cards. During this time a question is always brought up, what should we wear for the family photo session? I am not a wardrobe expert but here are some suggestions in coordinating the ideal wardrobe for your upcoming family session:

  1. Pinterest: This is a great resource for finding wardrobe ideas. I created a board for fall colors and wardrobe coordinates to help you with some ideas but you can also create your own. You can view the board here:

  2. Paint swatches: Who doesn't like to go to the paint section on the hardware store and collect the cute little color swatches? I know I do! specially since they keep my kids busy during the shopping experience. In the paint section, you can find color schemes and coordinates. Find a main color you like and create a color palette around it to add to your color coordination. You will also find some trifold displays with pictures of homes and color suggestions already picked out for you. Once you have your color, just go on-line and start shopping for you clothes.

  3. Designs: Sometimes you have a cute garment with fun colors and designs, you can use this as an inspiration board! Designers already picked out the color shades/combinations for you, so now you can use the colors on the design to get your solid colors and create your own color scheme for your family wardrobe. Sometimes a baby's hair band might be the inspiration for your color scheme or how about a scrapbook sheet of paper?!

  4. Keep it simple: During a family session the family should be the focus and the clothing should compliment the family. When in doubt, neutral, solid colors are best.

  5. Ask a friend: I find I get compliments when I am wearing a specific color hue, your friends will know, ask what is a good color for you.

  6. Darks vs Light colors: Keep in mind Dark colors take away light and Light colors add or reflect light. Strong colors, specially near the face will reflect on your complexion sometimes adding color to your face (e.g. orange) or taking away color (e.g. green/yellow). Not all hues are for every season or every skin color (e.g blush pink vs. pink fuchsia).

  7. Layers: Accessorize! Scarves, boots, stockings, sweaters, necklaces, bracelets, jackets, hats, earrings, accessorize!

  8. Nature: You can use nature as your inspiration when putting colors together! Think of the colors during Fall/Autumn, what does nature look like during fall?

  9. Make up: Just like wardrobe, make sure your make-up compliments you and your clothing. If make up is not your thing at least keep a chapstick handy, dry lips don't photograph well. You may even hire a make up artist if you really want to go all out for your session or have your photographer add some color in post edit.

Enjoy the rest of your Summer!

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