Family Studio

Studio sessions take place at Mini Studio located at 4880 E. Bonanza Rd.  #4, accommodating families of up to 10.

Family On-location

For these sessions I will travel to your preferred location, a park, ice-cream shop, the lake, the mountains, a museum, a cabin, the list is endless.

Family Lifestyle

These sessions are about your family, they take place at your home in your personal space, it showcases the lifestyle you and your family enjoy together and is a fun way to document what your home is about when no one is visiting.  Baking cookies, reading books, running in the backyard, jumping on the bed, all those little moments you and your family enjoy together.  


  There is an indescribable satisfaction when I see my children scan through the pages of our family photo albums.  I know at that moment that all the preparation and the time taken to create those images was worth it.  How many times do we regret not taken pictures of a moment?  But we hardly ever regret taking too many pictures.  When families contact me to have a family photo session, I am sometimes expected to create "the perfect picture" where everyone is looking straight at the camera, smiling.  But in reality, our families are not like a perfect smiling picture.  Our families are rich with emotions that we only know about.

  Everyone is beautiful, but not everyone is a trained super model.  Sometimes all we need is just a little bit of direction and some funny joke to get that perfect image that allows our personal beauty to show.  I gently guide my families into natural poses to get the best images of them. I want the session to be a positive memory, fun and interactive, while creating images that evoke the many other emotions that are unique to your family.   Because if you are a little bit like me, you probably ponder about the first time you met your husband, or the first baby you welcomed into your family (and the many others).  And it doesn't matter at what point in life your family is, when you are in a personal quiet moment, you ponder about how far you have come as a family through your struggles and successes together, and you know deep inside that they truly are your perfect picture.   I want you to fall in love, over and over again, every time you see your big wall print, your family photo album, or your desk print, and I want you to remember exactly why everything you have done up to that point was worth it.   So let's get together and put in paper what you have already created: that perfect picture.

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