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Copyright Information:

© Copyright helps professional photographers protect the integrity of their work.


It is important you’re aware that my digital files and printed products are protected by copyright. Susy’s Photo Boutique retains the ownership and copyright of the photographs taken and supplied to you at all times.


Copyright law states photographers own the images they create and the rights to control how these images are used or reproduced. These exclusive rights come in the form of legal protection, the ability to sell, commission or transfer my work, along with other rights. These rights make it illegal for you to reproduce, copy, scan, edit, publish, broadcast in print and on social media, and in any other way distribute my work without my permission.  If you have purchased digital files you are granted a license to use your images for personal use. Your purchased files can then be used for sharing with your friends and family on social media sites, and printing out for yourself, family, and friends. These images are not to be sold or given to any third parties without prior consent.  Images that are purchased as digital files are not to be altered in any way that change the integrity of the image without prior consent.  If you wish to use the images for any purpose other than personal you will need to obtain my expressed written permission.


Images taken in photographic sessions may be used by Susy’s Photo Boutique for display or marketing purposes. This could include social media, marketing literature, or galleries on the website. This is for the purpose of promoting my photography so clients can see the style of work I create. If you would prefer your or your child's images not to be displayed in this way please let me know in writing.

Exclusivity Information:

It is understood that this studio is the exclusive and official photographer retained to perform the photographic services requested on this contract.


The studio reserves the right to use negatives and/or reproductions for display, publication or other purposes.  Negatives and/or digital files remain the property of the studio.


Cancellation Policy:

In the event of a postponement or cancellation of this contract by client, the deposit paid is not refundable.



The studio takes the utmost care with respect to exposure, development and delivery of the photographs, however in the event the studio fails to comply with the terms of this contract due to any event or act outside the control of the studio, the studio’s liability is limited to refund of the deposit.


The studio will endeavor to capture every important event and special requests but shall not be held responsible for shots missed.



All or parts of this order will not be delivered without full payment.

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